We are

     Different Discovery is family-owned and enliven by two young brothers since May 2009. We do not have a hundred years long history, a pretentious company name, or a postmodern synthetic office. Our team is made up of honest, outspoken people who do not over promise, do not use smoke and mirrors and do not speak in cringe-worthy public relation language. We speak and act with the passion, belief and understanding behind us.

In 2011, we incorporated Different Discovery Tours as a partnership travel business and, we have been collaborated with several international destination management entities. Now, our small family-business has progressively expanded into an inbound tour operator, which mainly focuses on active, & leisure travel in Sri Lanka.

1.    Different Discovery is our leisure-inbound tour operator
2.    Discovery Adventure is our active and adventure travel arm

We are specializing in designing and offering individualized itineraries both to sites of world renown as well to locations within the island, which may be lesser-known and less-vivited, but which is nevertheless of great interest. In no small part, the attraction may also be precisely because they are often not on the usual "tourist" itineraries. Intrinsic interest may lie in;

1.     their archeological and historical uniqueness
2.     their religious significance
3.     the splendor of their scenery
4.     their ecological importance

Or, quite simply, may be down to the fact that they are unusual and exquisite locations in which to "chill out", relax, and restore the batteries. Clearly this represents just a fraction of the many tasks that we are involved in

Nonetheless a small family, our aim is to provide the very best service to our guests. Two brothers can respond to our guests around the clock with a highly personalized service. ''Family'' has been the core concept of our business and the responsibility extends to all levels of staff; the result being a drive to create unique and cost effective travel products and services that are unequalled anywhere in the world. We are blessed that there are so many storytellers who are pleased to endorse our efforts and indeed our success.

Different Discovery's family members, relatives, and friends are you; our past, present and, future customers using travel as an incentive for excellence. Our own standards of excellence are designed to achieve one goal: To ensure that our guests are delighted with their travel experiences while in Sri Lanka, returning again and again.

Our Family
Discovery Team comprises a small group of innovative travel and hotel personnel with experience both within the country as well as overseas. Team members pride themselves on their competence as "tourist orientated professionals". Of equal importance, -owever, is a strong sense of responsibility for conservation and for the cultural integrity of their island and its communities. Team members all speak English competently as a second language, travel regularly, and are thereby able to keep abreast of changing demands within the tailor-made tours sector. As all Different Discovery team members have a personal interest in many of the activities on offer, clients can expect a service which is well informed and highly personal.
The Mentor - (AMMA)
The mother-courage for two different sons, a retired science teacher, a Sinhalese-Buddhist; Mrs. Padma Samaratunga; our mother is the mentor for our all the good efforts, creations and developments for the family of Different Discovery. She is committed to helping us balance our family and professional lives in the travel business. She is a big travel fan but the problem is she still treats two sons as kids whenever they are going out of home.
Nostalgic Dad - (Thaththa)
Though we may have to work to keep him in the present, we're happy for the opportunity to get to know his past. While almost any man can father two sons, there is so much more to the important role of being dad in a son's life. Our father was the central to the emotional well-being of our lives and is still the capable caretaker, disciplinarian and the bad-boy. We were taught by our father not to grab others' toys when they were still in diapers; surely, over time, that instruction can be applied to other discussions of what else we may not grab, now.
Dinesh Gunaratna (Big Brother)
From root to leaves, Dinesh is a regular traveler and keen to explore novelty and simplicity in traveling. He has been conducting personally guided tours throughout the island for more than ten years. He is thoroughly familiar with the geography of Sri Lanka, its sites of unique interests as well as its finest locations for relaxation and active holidaying. He has educated in mathematics and hospitality management. Dinesh being the father's role for the team he cares in all the operational aspects of the business. He loves travelling Black's Beach-San Diego, CA, but his wife and only son...
Rasith Gunaratna (Young Brother)
Apparel merchandiser and a supply chain administrator from Marks & Spencer transformed into a travel professional. Being one of the dynamic young traveling chaps; Rasith is always keen in travelling & learning around to discover new things offer fresh experiences to his clients. He is locally and internationally qualified in Marketing & Tourism. Rasith contributes more on marketing, and is mostly interested in community tourism, camping and in adventure travel. Rasith loved New York since the best city for singles and best nightlife but, he is not single anymore.
Nuwan Samaratunga: Accounts Executive (kitty)
Nuwan the youngest is seeking a partner from Facebook. He is into numbers and calculations and of course he is good in it. He cares in all the in and out monetary values. And always tries harder to convince us ''we are running with great margin'' but most of the times he send invoices to our business partners little later than 12 months. He always asking leave for exams but we never heard any of the diplomas being completed after his first degree in finance & accountancy. It's strange he is asking bonus three time a year.
Udeni Samaratunga: Administration Assistant (Paper Girl)
Udeni, a young and energetic hotel school graduate related to two brother's family is backing up the team by undertaking all the paperwork and records related to business & leisure travel. She loves nature photography and swimming, but she cannot swim continually more than 3 minutes in a baby pool.
Rumesh Dilan: Fleet Coordinator (Wheel Guy)
Rumesh is an exceptional young character in personally guided tours in Sri Lanka. He is comprehensive in the knowledge of vehicles and roads of Sri Lanka. He is a very good driver and never gets a complaint from our guests as he is always service oriented. He is dreaming on a BMW but he has to repair his own tricycle twice a week.
Nilanka Fonseka: Reservation Executive (bookie)
Nilanka is a qualified content developer and designer. He is well connected to most of the hotels, resorts, guesthouses and home stays throughout the island. He hopes to be the best booking manager in Sri Lanka in 2020 but he sometimes send inquiries like "Single BB with Twin Bed". Nilanka creates and maintains our online information with a passion. He is presently following a Degree in Tourism & Cultural Resources Management at University of Kelaniya. He is fancy in content management and search engine optimization but sometimes he is searching "@" all over the keyboard.
Mr. Rupert Wyndham, was the pioneer whose vision set the standards for the Different Discovery. The team has been fortunate in having had the benefit of encouragement, guidance and material assistance from two UK citizens, Mr. Rupert and Mrs. Elizabeth Wyndham. Mr. Wyndham, now aged 74, is a graduate of the University of Oxford (Oriental Studies) and, before his retirement, held senior management, as well as directorial, posts within major British companies. The Team has benefited from their experience as dedicated travelers to countries across the world, including America, Latin America, Africa, SE Asia, The Far East, Australia, Polynesia and, of course, Europe.
Strategic Partner
Mr. Enrico Harrasser, an honest man with a big heart, a funny Italian, a giving personality, and a prominent business role in Denmark who has unparalleled specialist knowledge, experience and passion for destinations to create the ultimate tailor-made, good-value, top-quality holidays all over the world. He runs C&C Travel in Copenhagen and, Coco Beach Island Resort in Philippines. Takes C&C Travel signature, the flagship premium holiday tour operator, which operates both Cities and Short Breaks to more than 18 countries around the world. As he was well-impressed on these extraordinary "two crazy brothers", Different Discovery was chosen as the best service provider among the Sri Lanka's finest travel and tourism management teams and the most recommended visitor management entities.
Mark Vasse - the Dutch Connection
Hallo, sinds ik in 1995 voor het eerst naar Hong Kong ben gevlogen heeft het reis virus mij gegrepen. Gedurende al die reizen kom je vaker tot de ontdekking dat je bezig bent met het maken van een levensboek, vol herinneringen en ervaringen. Alle mensen die ontmoet en situaties waarin je beland leren je weer iets over jezelf en die andere cultuur. Met Different Discovery hebben we geweldige herinneringen kunnen meegeven aan familie en vrienden. Dat blijf ik graag doen met het team van Different Discovery.
Mobile : +31640190673
Olivia Delobel - the French Connection
Je suis passionnée de voyage, de civilisation et de littérature. Master de français en poche, j'ai enseigné dans de nombreuses écoles internationales, le bac bilingue, durant ma carriére de 16 ans en Asie. Maintenant, de retour en Europe, j'enseigne toujours et je cherche à transmettre mon expérience tout en m'impliquant dans la promotion du Sri Lanka avec Different Discovery.
Mobile : +31640864612
Our Driving / Guiding Family Members
Our well experienced chauffeur guide team is an asset to our team as they are always service-minded and honest. Their target is to deliver the best service and delight our guests with remarkable holiday experience. We are eager to see a complaint on them!!!
Mela Chan Deepal Ushan Justin Nimal Liyanage
Lasantha Nalin Dinesh Ajith Anura Ranga Ranjan
Podi Ananda Athula Sanath Some Thilakb Thissa
Samare Sampath Thusitha Dissag Manjula Niroshan Sunil
Dissa Anuradha Sasika Keerthi 2 Ashan Janath Thilanga
Gihan Tene Susantha Rusiru Janith Madhuka Aruna
Sanjaya Irosh Jayasingha Neel Manoj
Overseas Family Members
We are newly started to promote our tour packages in selected countries. Now our clients can directly connect with our international representatives online for more information and bookings.
Uditha Liyanage: Ontario
Uditha is a Tourism Management graduate in Sri Lanka and a national tour guide lecturer. He focuses on special interest, wild life and community tours. He lives and works in Canada since 2007.
Maduka Pamuditha: Melbourne
A Social Sciences graduate from Sri Lanka with a special interest in community, cultural and conservation tourism. He works in Melbourne since 2008
Rushan Dilupa: Dortmund
Rushan, a young Sri Lankan national living in Germany since 2001, is very passionate about tourism in Sri Lanka and his all-round knowledge on many aspects of Sri Lanka is quite a creditable asset. He is fluent in the German Language and is the main person handling advertising and marketing activities related to the German Tourism market
Dayawansha (Master Guide)
Daya was into resort sales and marketing and qualitative marketing research during his stepladder of personal career. He now is freelancing as a national tour guide lecturer for few triumphant travel companies such as C&C Travel (dk), Topas Travel (dk), Berg Reiser (no) Delphin Tours (de), Live Travel (dk), Noble Tours (no), and Welkin Island Tours (nz).
Daya has been the leader for our active and adventure national tour guides since the inception. Daya is professionally a cycling and trekking guide. He is a certified national tour guide lecturer from Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management.
Daya is now more into product development for the birding, active and soft adventure tours as he is also working as an independent travel consultant.